For more than three decades, the Hans Behr Schuhvertriebsgesellschaft mbH has stood for quality through passion, paired with high innovative strength and excellent service.

In 1981 the company was founded in Munich.

When the founder Hans Behr succeeded in enchanting not only the Munich jet set, but also a fan community around the whole world, with exclusive traditional German shoes, the success story took its course. In the year 1988 the boot label EXETER was launched, one year later MANIA followed.

In 1994 a branch was founded in Austria. In 1998 the company headquarters moved fully to Austria.

In the year 1998 the company had the special raised MANIA heel patented, which protects the leather from scuffing when driving.

In the same year, Hans Behr became one of the first shoe manufacturers to apply SWAROVSKI crystals to shoes. An idea which has established itself worldwide and found many imitators.

For every shoe designed for the label MANIA, the focus today is still on high innovative strength paired with the use of premium quality materials and the cooperation with absolute professionals. In the interests of its customers, the company always strives to constantly improve the products and invest strongly in trends and quality, so as to meet the expectations of the wearers.